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Senate Sidelines Plan That Would Have Forced Miami-Dade To Have An Elected Sheriff | WLRN

Florida lawmakers are pressing pause on a bill that would pave the way for an elected sheriff in Miami-Dade County. The plan is forcing legislators to
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Bingo with not sheriffs more corrution that is why Hiealeah Florida it’s in the top of most corrupt city hall in the nation .

I’m Reibel Castillo any ways I’m a very well known person here but no many goberment Figures like me because the truth hurt The’r pockets .

I’m a Wiseness I spread what I know it’s or what I think it’s true!

Sheriffs Directory | Florida Sheriffs Association

Want to get to know your local sheriff? Use our directory to learn about their background and how to contact your sheriff’s office.
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The million dollars question.

Why Dade County has not Sheriff if Sheriffs are more professional , I can tell that any of this Sheriffs are more capable than the best Mayor in Dade County , I’m don’t think I’m wrong , I’m don’t care if people don’t like this comment , I don’t care because the Cuban Community need more laws to protect inocentes and prosecuted those who are running this County Cuban way!

I’m Cuban I know it’s very hard for me to deal with this situation because I’m not a public figure , I’m not a politician and I got not money to hired a good lawyer to fight for me and my family it’s very hard but no impossible.

May God bless America , it’s very important protect what is most famous quote in this Country !

Only in God I trust!

Florida sheriffs: More education funding needed to protect students

Florida sheriffs: More education funding needed to protect students
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Dade County has not sheriffs , Sheriffs are always doing good Jobs , this county it’s not running the way it should .

There is a concern because the Law is not protecting innocents , who many public figures are in Prison from this County ?

It’s a good question and a very controversial question because I have been fitting in this city and asking for justice and there is not help an aswers to my question and concerns.

BLOG: Sheriff’s Association school safety proposal is a good start | Don Lehman’s blog |

BLOG: Sheriff’s Association school safety proposal is a good start | Don Lehman’s blog |
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As a father I want to know help the entire school sistem because The’r is not future with out students and the students are not getting the proper care and protection . I have the right and I have the desire to do my best to protect not only my Daughter is more than one student or children it’s about millions of Students and it’s time to stand up for better protection for better education it’s a nation wide problem . Ours schools need more help and more protection it’s not a single person it’s the future of ours Children’s.

Protect students it’s my Priority!