Who want to help kids abuses ? Who need prove that corruption and Chaters are berds with the same feeders ? 

Hialeah Education Academy . Inc is Runer by the city mayor . I need to stop what that Chaters are doing , sex-Arasment . Fisical abuse , mental , forcing my kids to have a terrible future . The police arasmet is to much , the want make me and way or another stop to sends they crimes .

Who want stand up ? Anyone who love kids . I promise they will fell happiness afte they give everything to help kids .



  1. Hialeah Education Academic . Inc
    I have to , I can’t . No kid abuse is a cruelty crimes , they destroyed my son life , his baseball carrier over , bad people’s , coaches hit my son kew as the same my son hit the baseball ball ,
    Daniel a mayor league prospects did noting but train hart , studying late night , traveling nation wide , over sea , Florida Marlins waiting until he finish 12 grade but , not
    Chater school hate kids .
    A God given Give , my son was told the next Stanton , the next Kid sighing a millions dollars contract earned not given . As the principal no . My kid hate cheating , coach always was telling kids short cut , best easy way short cut mean . Win no matter if you die for using steroids, is part of the game , Evil coach , provide steroids to many kids , but Daniel with a healthy diet , working out and training hart .
    Chater Principal is very well knows by his control, mayoir city chairman is using the police to protec his corruption ( comflit of interest ) child abuse and sex-arasment are covering by this corrupts sistems . The sience teacher / baseball coach arasment a buch of gils , names are yes in thoses bunch of gils ( from 12 to 17 )
    That is an Acusación directly. I have prove enaff and corruption is to much a good Lawyer an strong media can close that Charter and I Garantte is a of more CORRUTION and crimes , CRIMENS organizations , I was treat to dead , police evation is normal in my house with out warrants and hiding they bacheds . Police ARRASMENT is a crime , police can’t abandoned my 11 years old Daughter in a dangers public park , privatization of parks . Taxpayers complain and bring the news , that mayor renting a public park and kids pay $ 300 to play in his own yards . I hired PRIVETE detectives and thoses criminals with only a lawyer can close that Charter . I can pro-se , I won’t take that risk .
    Thanks this a potential case . I won’t trust in any Atorney clouse to Florida .
    My kid is not going to any school because they intimidate him , to don’t tell nothing .
    Sex arasment for the same guy
    1 – N …. P
    2- …. Castillo
    3- be..
    4- Y…….
    And a buch are waiting but I can’t do nothing media is corruted , police , Fakow principals rules . Kicking me out from a Pubkic park. Police trespass warning ( false oficers arasment names taken .

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    1. Esto es Algo very hard , very sad . I’m smart but Super doom why ?
      Because I work hart for nothing but now, Team Money Diden’t like my senseless post sensesot Albert Einstein but I told , I been telling the whole ( complity Pouzzle )

      Chaters Defemnders ? What about this? Everyone now is going to tell , yeap


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