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https://suelee10901.wordpress.com/Hialeah Education Academy is a Charter school in Hialeah FL and the city Mayor Carlos Hernandez who is the Chairman of Hialeah Education Academic.
The city Mayor is not happy at all because I provide the evidence and prove enaf to the point where , thanks God and others who had been me with the most corrupt city mayor and chairman of the Charter who became the principal problem because I complained to reporters about the way the Police was involved and arasment my wife my son . The Mayor city is a very delicate situation because I bring it in the city and I have no more choice than scale the case and the City Mayor and the Police are involved and I have been the victim , I was told thanks and great Job . The Chatter Chairman should be treated as a criminal and the Superintendent of Dade County who is not doing anything to stop those crimes against kids because I don’t want them to get rid off . I open Complains at Children and family’s , as many others Federal Agency. The Mayor city finally has been boated . I have prove to the point where I am ready to go to face the media because they want to know the truth about it!!!